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  1. Finally getting in to this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FX34TjJe-c
  2. Getting a adjustable height desk was the best investment I ever made. I do a lot of typing on the computer and this changed my life when I work from home. Now i have my eyes on a Herman Miller Aeron chair to go with it...
  3. But really we all know that the more fans the better, it helps with aerodynamix, and the more the computer looks like just two sheets of glass and a huge RGB rainbowfest the better the build and ergo larger the penis
  4. " Dude, you see this here SPOILER on the back of my car ? No MAN, its not a trunk opener, do your researches, It helps with the trActiOn. " The fans go brrrrrr in RGB is enough for most people to go gaga over them.
  5. Wall-E is a horror film. It depicts a world where we are supposed to feel emotional attachment to a robot. Its also a world where our fellow humans are shown to be so stupid and useless. All a robot has to do is prr and make 'cute sounds' ad we are ready to fall in love with it. Its a cinematic equivalent to anime girl pillows, its sick.
  6. I always wanted a case form this brand. The old ones, the classic ones. I don't understand why everyone is in to these clear cases. Its like those watches with the clear back to show you the inside workings? Not a fan. Does anyone actually feel "good" after seeing your computer insides flash with coloured lights?
  7. I can't wait to play this game when it comes out next year on steam.
  8. Switch is the only console I have purchased new since a PS2. As someone who pre-covid days used to fly a lot, I thought it was going to be an amazing way to mix up long flights. Now that I think about it, even used the only consoled I purchased since the PS2 has been two Nitendo DS where I quickly installed homebrew on them. I think since the PS2 I abandoned all non-pc non-handheld gaming. and woops, havent been on SW for many years, will be sure to keep it just gaming
  9. No idea what either of things are but if its not a console or a new gaming platform for PC than I am OK with it.
  10. All of this reminds me of the "perceived" failure of the US to combat Covid.
  11. I don't want to sully my bandwidth with epic garbage. I promised myself when I downloaded steam all those years ago I would never download any other gaming platform.
  12. I still refuse to download epic. I guess I am on the loosing side of the Trojan war.
  13. Wont lie that's pretty cool. But also wow, why is it India is the place that foreigners go to get lost. Two of my friends got "lost" there fore a few years and a third is still there. She got stuck in India during Covid and then just went all out and is now living in some kind of temple commune. Don't quite get the attraction but won't lie would have loved to be there in that 1992 party.
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