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  1. Finally getting in to this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FX34TjJe-c
  2. Meanwhile, they are reporting on "discoveries" about Covid that were made in China months ago. This experience has taught me the so-caleld "global medical community" don't communicate with each other well at all and many English language news sources simply don't care what happens in China so they never bothered to follow things there except for repeating "forcing people to stay at home = undemocratic ! "
  3. Getting a adjustable height desk was the best investment I ever made. I do a lot of typing on the computer and this changed my life when I work from home. Now i have my eyes on a Herman Miller Aeron chair to go with it...
  4. But really we all know that the more fans the better, it helps with aerodynamix, and the more the computer looks like just two sheets of glass and a huge RGB rainbowfest the better the build and ergo larger the penis
  5. I agree with you on many parts, specially the 'boy who cried wolf' style reporting that is so popular in north America and how tiring it is. I respect that gut feeling. But it just sucks when no one decides to pay attention when the wolfs are here and its basically one of the last public institutions able to stand on its own in America going down in flames.
  6. " Dude, you see this here SPOILER on the back of my car ? No MAN, its not a trunk opener, do your researches, It helps with the trActiOn. " The fans go brrrrrr in RGB is enough for most people to go gaga over them.
  7. This is more than just a political issue. They are literally tearing apart an American public institution. Reminds me of when the tire companies literally ripped out the tram lines in Los Angeles area to ensure their market share and leave us the beautiful uncongested system that is world renown as L.A. traffic.
  8. bUt the PizzaA PoedoPhiles cOnpsiracy and gay frogs are more crucial than a government dismantling a public good, a whole public institution , in front of everyone eyes
  9. I just don't understand this. Its not only blatantly corrupt, but its also against basic general interests of people. Its basically robbing the common goods that were established through a lot of fighting. Why are people not getting livid over this? Blows my mind.
  10. Wall-E is a horror film. It depicts a world where we are supposed to feel emotional attachment to a robot. Its also a world where our fellow humans are shown to be so stupid and useless. All a robot has to do is prr and make 'cute sounds' ad we are ready to fall in love with it. Its a cinematic equivalent to anime girl pillows, its sick.
  11. I always wanted a case form this brand. The old ones, the classic ones. I don't understand why everyone is in to these clear cases. Its like those watches with the clear back to show you the inside workings? Not a fan. Does anyone actually feel "good" after seeing your computer insides flash with coloured lights?
  12. I can't wait to play this game when it comes out next year on steam.
  13. Yes, I agree. When I saw reporting on flooding in the US many years ago I was blown away to see basically gangs on boats with guns use it as an opportunity to steal. I was also blown away at how much violence and rape occurred in a stadium that was used to house people who no longer had access to their homes. I don't want to dismiss the possibility that this was just terrible news reporting, it also showcased the everyday violence in some parts of the US and the "shock and awe" that occurs when this violence spills over to "normal" communities. This is essentially, and this is very
  14. It would be an absolute disaster. The problem is not police. The problem is how they are trained and the lack of mental health workers being integrated with first responders. When you look at how many cases of death, or even just 911 calls that are related to mental breakdowns or issues, what we need is a new kind of police. A better police. NOT a wishy washy 'lets defund all police man' which would be an absolute disaster. I feel bad for police who think they are doing good for the community but are ill trained for the problems they faced, are militarized,
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