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  1. Yes, I agree. When I saw reporting on flooding in the US many years ago I was blown away to see basically gangs on boats with guns use it as an opportunity to steal. I was also blown away at how much violence and rape occurred in a stadium that was used to house people who no longer had access to their homes. I don't want to dismiss the possibility that this was just terrible news reporting, it also showcased the everyday violence in some parts of the US and the "shock and awe" that occurs when this violence spills over to "normal" communities. This is essentially, and this is very hard to remember, one of the richest countries in the world. I also agree the problems are mostly structural and that tackling "root" issues is difficult. Its not about a "few bad apples", the entire system is currently in a way that creates monsters on all sides - both the police, in their psycho training, and in the general public, with problems of lack of access to health (including mental) care, education, opportunity ect.... No wonder all sides come out swinging.
  2. It would be an absolute disaster. The problem is not police. The problem is how they are trained and the lack of mental health workers being integrated with first responders. When you look at how many cases of death, or even just 911 calls that are related to mental breakdowns or issues, what we need is a new kind of police. A better police. NOT a wishy washy 'lets defund all police man' which would be an absolute disaster. I feel bad for police who think they are doing good for the community but are ill trained for the problems they faced, are militarized, and are then told they are not actually helping people.
  3. Cant agree more. We are living another prophesy from DEUS EX they got the twin towers right, global market failure, and now Covid... now we just need the 'ambrosia fix' to get better.
  4. Switch is the only console I have purchased new since a PS2. As someone who pre-covid days used to fly a lot, I thought it was going to be an amazing way to mix up long flights. Now that I think about it, even used the only consoled I purchased since the PS2 has been two Nitendo DS where I quickly installed homebrew on them. I think since the PS2 I abandoned all non-pc non-handheld gaming. and woops, havent been on SW for many years, will be sure to keep it just gaming
  5. No idea what either of things are but if its not a console or a new gaming platform for PC than I am OK with it.
  6. All of this reminds me of the "perceived" failure of the US to combat Covid.
  7. I don't want to sully my bandwidth with epic garbage. I promised myself when I downloaded steam all those years ago I would never download any other gaming platform.
  8. I still refuse to download epic. I guess I am on the loosing side of the Trojan war.
  9. Wont lie that's pretty cool. But also wow, why is it India is the place that foreigners go to get lost. Two of my friends got "lost" there fore a few years and a third is still there. She got stuck in India during Covid and then just went all out and is now living in some kind of temple commune. Don't quite get the attraction but won't lie would have loved to be there in that 1992 party.
  10. So I guess I need an xbox now too. this is the best use of a console in years
  11. Oh thanks, I did not realize. Seems like HK version is a big cheaper so will go for that.
  12. my waifu must speak in Japanese English does not do it for me