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  1. In before we find out he's an incel
  2. Yeah PC has always been the best. I've been saying that for like ten years now.
  3. Oh yeah, and to answer your question, it is because his penis is so large that it can't not be in people's mouths.
  4. When compared to other threads on this page, this thread has a relatively large number of posts in it.
  5. Did someone say drinking beer in alleys?
  6. More like Foley Lake in Chilliwack. 10/10 location. youre from here? Yeah. How many of us are I wonder? Also, Cat Lake in Squamish used to be cool. Now it's a lame family campground.
  7. More like Foley Lake in Chilliwack. 10/10 location.
  8. You mean like this? http://systemwars.com/forums/topic/97197-so-im-seriously-considering-an-escort-for-tonight-screenshot-of-validation-email-inside/
  9. Oh, because there's a racing game where you don't do any racing, right?