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Found 11 results

  1. Both Series X and PS5 Quality Mode target 4K/30fps. Series X appears to hold at 4K slightly more consistently Series S Quality Mode targets dynamic 1440p/30fps. Usually sticks to 1440p; went as low as 1368p Series S does not use the higher resolution textures and improve anisotropic filtering that Series X / PS5 have in Quality Mode In Performance Mode, PS5 targets 4K Checkboarded, with frequent drops of 1800p Checkboard or lower. Resolution drops/fuzziness are obvious in more intense scenes. Checkerboard resolution also effects HUD so text looks less crips in Performance Mod
  2. https://press-start.com.au/news/playstation/2020/11/06/the-ps5-doesnt-support-external-hard-drives-for-ps5-games/ wtf cows are stuck with 640GBs total on PS5 for the foreseeable future, you will have to constantly delete games and redownload them, and can’t store them and transfer them to the SSD
  3. https://www.gamespot.com/videos/playstation-5-vs-xbox-series-x-load-times-comparison-or-next-gen-load-times-comparison/2300-6454169/
  4. Apex Construct Firewall zero hour Lmfao . No wonder Sony has a 🔥 sale on this pos ROFL
  5. Gotta admit it looks damn nice. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6P18Yvbbo1o&feature=player_embedded#!
  6. http://store.steampowered.com/sub/4466/ GTA GTA2 GTA3 GTA: VC GTA: SA GTA4 GTA: Episodes from Liberty City 12.49. Bought it. Offer expires the 24th lol console plebs. PC gaming paying for itself
  7. Feelin' so fly like a G35 Normally 130 but amazon having a sale on them for 89. Went to Fry's and made them price match the shit. Great Headphones
  8. http://www.gametrailers.com/video/exclusive-launch-halo-anniversary/723212 :bow:
  9. So i'm thinking of uploading a few videos to youtube in HD from fraps. I tried this once and it only showed up in 480 and looked like shit. Should i be converting these vids from whatever extension fraps records it. It also takes like 1 hour to do a 0:30 video and the file itself is like 1gig. Any way i can compress dat shit?
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