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How does it feel knowing 360 has already won the console war?

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Every multiplat on PS3 will have worse graphics and sound, barren online, and no force feedback, while bluray has worse picture quality and no game or movie yet has required more space than what an HD DVD format could provide.

Vista will have a ton of cool features for anyone that is both a lemming and hermit, unified "Live Anywhere" and multi-room entertainment.

Wii is a unique and cool concept, but there aren't enough games, and Nintendo will not be able to produce enough systems to outsell the 360. Nintendo might very well be owned by Microsoft in 2011. Microsoft is rumored to start making DS games.

Xbox 360 does 1080p, includes component cables, costs $200 to $300 cheaper than the competition, has a unified friends list with unified accomplishments, high def movies and TV can be downloaded giving an alternative to the HD DVD drive itself, the dashboard and themes look better, the console itself is smaller, doesn't get fingerprints and scratches, has replaceable batteries, faceplates, Assasin's Creed, and eventually more USB ports than May 2005 PS3.

Plus the games, like Gears of War, Oblivion over a year earlier than on PS3, Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell, Alan Wake and Bioshock, Lost Planet and Forza. Halo 3, which will shit all over Killzone 2 if it does exist as much as Gears shat on Resistance.


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You remind me of Azazela :|

Then why is your name blue today? :glad:

I thought everyone knew I was a lemming all along. :(

I mean I got a PS2 back before I knew about Xbox, I also had a Dreamcast and GBA, and played a few PC games over the years, but none have come close to entertaining me as much as Xbox and eventually Xbox 360.

My 360 has been red lighted, but I'll have it fixed by December, I surely dont want to miss out on Gears and Lost Planet and Vegas and Smackdown and Forza.

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People didn't know andthegang was fakeboying? :-*

Very nice post. Now we can only hope for some news on Microsoft gobbling up another big name company or game exclusivity. Sony never really stood a chance in the first place going against the likes of Microsoft. Next in line for domination is the Ipod. :(

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