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Killzone Shadow Falls was the best PS4 showcase and is absolutely necessary for launch

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- Sony needed a graphical showcase, day 1 so there would be NO doubt it achieved a next-gen system

- They revealed their specs to be significantly more powerful that the competition, and their main game must show it.

- They need a game that will attract people with $500+ dollars to throw at a console with games at launch.

- Killzone has a very good multiplayer, it will be a huge motivation for the PSN community and online games in general (See how badly nintendo failing with online affects the system)

- It's covers all bases. Single player, online gaming, probably split screen and co-op. It's huge value, and thats what they need day 1 for their console, a game to sell it.


Then of course comes stuff like Infamous Second Son and LALALALALA

But PS4 had to be showcased with a killer game, they will have more announcements down the line, but nothing to overshadow their next-gen reveal.


Nintendo didn't and still doesn't have a graphical showcase game, and people accepted it's weak within a few weeks, while before there was still hope. If MS does not present a game like Killzone Shadow Falls to prove they also hit a next-gen system, they're fucked.

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Deep Down looked twice as good :tom:


Upstaged by better CGI :mickey:


wiiu upstaged by 2006 consoles

warhawk 2 is a ways off so killzone will have to do

Are you going to remain a Cow when you realize that Sony will never release abother Warhawk title again? :reg:


That ship has sailed.

are you actually gonna buy a wiiu or will you just do empty hype for a whole gen like with wii?

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HH you fuck, we never played Uncharted 3 cause you were too busy with Carlos.

kz has better mp than halo 4, fact.


Or shotguns of war, faggots wall humping and blasting shit with host or general lag.

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Cows getting their vaginas wet for Killzone three gens in a row now yet it always ends up sucking :lul:


Will demolish MGSR :lul:

lmfao shit taste, scores raped you hard on that one and I warned you before too that it would happen :pavarotti:

MGSR it trash, that's praised only because it's Platinum. You'd be hating this if it was a Kojima game :reg:

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