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The Official GTA:V thread - No story spoilers without spoiler tags please.

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getting my Xbox tomorrow :cosby:

LMFAO. This fucking kid has now bought a 360 for Halo 4 (then sold it two weeks later) and will do the same for GTAV, even though it's better on PS3 ..LMFAO.


and what's your point? broke even the first time and will break even this time lol


My point is, you're an idiot lmfao


nah just sounds like you're trying to force an argument over nonsense lol

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First Impression:


I haven't played all that much yet. Just finished a towing mission with some crack bitch and jooked some bitch ass niggas bike.


When the game started the intro credits and that gangster west coast beat, a huge smile made its way on my face. 


But, for the little bit have played I haven't been blown away.  The introduction missions feel to much like tutorial but this will pass.


Tbh I can't wait to get the story mode out of the way.  Lamar is legit one funny ass nigga.


The game does feel better than 4 but not by lightyears or even a long shot.  Going to play some more now.

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This game looks absolutely amazing. Being able to have a pet dog is a brilliant touch. Imagine that being a perk in multiplayer. Or an mode where all the other players have to take down one player who has super health, 3 dogs, etc. Like the opposite of Snake mode in MGO.


Next GTA should have a couple Breaking Bad references.

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Loving it so far, dynamics between the characters is great so far.

Those frame rate drops in heavy situations are no fun though, sadly, and you're not going to escape that, it's just how the console versions roll. Ah well, no big deal, game is gorgeous.

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