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Neogaf cows calling for numbered reviews to stop in the industry after Infamous SS flopped.

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Because games don't dictate the first few months of a new console, there was too much hype from E3, every moderate gamer became a cow. Every website turned into PS4 worship.


Not saying that's a good thing, and SONY still has to deliver AAA. And trust me when the time comes, if they don't, these gamers will turn on them quicker than anything. They're doing alright so far. We'll see how Drive Club and The Order turn out.


As well as other IP/Indie stuff.

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PS4 had massive hype, but what about self-control? Cows are losing it... I think that's a problem and says a lot about them.


The entire reason why XB1/PS4 released is to install a userbase before better games come out in the future. Still no games, though. With better technology, needs to come better games. So far, nothing has proved that. Have hope for 1886 all you want, but I don't know why Drive Club is even being considered as something possibly amazing :lul:


All the sequels to last-gen games need to deliver. Killzone is naturally a flop and you can't release your next-gen console with Knack :| 'course they mad.

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IMO you can write fancy 4 page reviews where you go into detail for all the pro's and cons, but you still need to summarize it with a score. Cows are just butthurt about all their games flopping. My solution... stop fucking reading reviews if they offend you so much. :reg:

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Lol u fools are obsessed with that place

Some people seem to be... I'm not though. I don't have an account, nor am I interested in having one. The only time I go on that forum is if somebody links to it on SW.

Was talking about balls deep gay specifically

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