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Is systemwars dead (the concept of it)?

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7 hours ago, kokujin said:

I enjoy all the off topic threads and sports threads.  Being not a child, I really don't game much, but if there's 1 or 2 games I completed that year and I see people talk about it, i'm more than happy to pretend like i'm in the old days of this forum, and harp some gaming discussion.


Exclusives imo are still a thing. The mirrage is Xbox doesn't have any anymore. Also I'm not too concerned the switch is "a gen" weaker. That was Nintendo's choice this gen and they've proved they can make at least 2 games that far eclipses the need for pumped up graphics.  


I guess what I'm trying to say is there is still fun to have in this place. It's always been a conglomerate of immaturity off topic freedom gaming and a little race bait mixed in and I feel we still have lots of those sad qualities.  The console fight appears blurred also because I really think a lot of us aren't truly gaming anymore.  

Dude, Nintendo knows what it’s doing with graphics. Their art style always outclasses the technical power. Wind Waker and BOTW will both age incredibly well with their gorgeous art styles. 


E3 is always a fun time in SW though and the closest to those “classic” days back in 2005. 

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even nintendeado will lose to xbox :dead: 

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