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Agony's deleted scenes

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9 minutes ago, dakur said:

Why deleted? Had boobs?


The first deleted scene is an interactive sequence where you play as a demon. The floor is littered with deformed infants, and you are free to go around snapping their necks, throwing them at the ground, and stomping on them underfoot. Physics kicks in upon death and you can still interact with their bodies by walking into them.



In a later piece of cut content, the player is asked to rape a succubus, and the act takes place from a first-person perspective. It’s even more gross than you are probably imagining, featuring full penetration and other details that were clearly added for pure shock value.

Other deleted scenes include arse cheek physics and full sex quickly followed by the birth of a baby, which a demon pulls out of herself. Maybe video games were a mistake.



consider my curiosity peaked. If anyone has an alternate link to the video, do post it for us :ben:


edit: heres a dropbox mirror


https://www.dropbox.com/s/v7oxs1g2ko09z3b/Agony - Deleted Scenes.mp4?dl=0


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