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What are you watching, listening to, and reading? thread

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Anyone gonna check out the premiere of Lovecraft Country? First episode is on HBO this Sunday. Reviews have been pretty great so far.   https://www.rottentomatoes.com/tv/lovecraft_country/s0

dude...i can't wait. curb is the greatest comedy ever.  i still watch scene over and over (from last season). shit cracks me up.     

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Ok I watched freddy got fingered and other than the sausage song and the cheese sandwhich scene and some minor stupidities it was completely fucking terrible. 


So I watched paranormal activity after it and yeah it was the same let down. How they made so many movies of that shit is beyond me. I was bored to death. NOTHING happens in that fucking movie. 


I looked up some lore to understand the overall plot and it sounds interesting but the first movie was so fucking boring I will never watch the second one. FUCK these movies. Terrible. 





tbh demons and all that shit are kinda cool but I was about to throw the towel as soon as this "specialist" felt a presence in the house. like what the fuck, the ultimate mood killer. :feelsbadman:

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12 hours ago, Ike said:

Started Love Death + Robots, it’s been really great. 

Yeah the first three 3 eps I watched were fantastic.



Triple Frontier was a solid action flick, kind of like The Town set where they would have filmed an episode of Narcos.

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7 minutes ago, Teh_Diplomat said:

Star Trek Discovery 


Edit: I meant to quote Zwarrior directly.

yeah i dont watch it, cooke does. unless ike meant Star Trek Beyond, "newly" out since 2016 which i totally forgot about and am about to snag myself :ben: 


Im waiting till I can watch Love Death + Robots in one sitting, cant wait

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Just came back from watching Captain Marvel, quite a solid movie, and I actually think it might be the 2nd or 3rd best origin story from all of the Marvel movies (the best being Captain America's).


I was watching the trailers and reading reviews, and I didn't understand how exactly this women is a human but also an alien, and appears to have different lives. And the way the movie explains that and sets that up is legitimately solid story setup.


Its got kind of a Phillip K. Dick sci-fi premise in which this person's world is not the way it's perceived to be, and there's more to her past history. The movie moved quite well that by the time you finally knew almost everything about the character, you were already at the final confrontation, it didn't feel like two hours.


And it ultimately establishes how powerful she is. There's a couple of underexplained parts, like why she got her powers in the method the she got it, and the Annette Benning character backstory. They may have made the characters too light-hearted, like I may understand why Carol Danvers jokes around, but ultimately Skrulls were cracking jokes to the point where it was getting silly.


They should've made a dramatic moment of Carol Danvers telling Nick Fury to notify her if Earth faces a gigantic danger. If anything, the creatures that attack New York City in Avengers 1 appear to be much more dangerous than the handful of people they have to deal with in this movie. You'd imagine Nick Fury would've used the pager for that.


Also, this movie has a much more cleaner and streamlined feminist message, I didn't watch all of Wonder Woman, especially the first half of the movie, but the message throughout the movie is more grounded. I wouldn't have noticed this unless I read somebody's analysis beforehand, but the first few scenes of the movie, she is clearly being told that she has to live within certain rules. She's being told that she is failing if she can't "control herself." And the person telling her looks like a guy with knowledge and integrity (Jude Law).  Its like that picture of the horse tied to a plastic chair, she doesn't know that the people she looks up to are actually trying to control her.


The more she remember her past, the more she sees that she was making her own rules and not accepting what other people tell her, even when she was young. The moment she realizes her full powers, she realizes that she's fallen down many times over and gotten back up, is at the climax of the movie, and its quite satisfying. I think this is a better movie than Wonder Woman, a better origin story, and a better feminist message. I think Brie Larson did a solid job, people said that she had trouble in the action scenes, but I didn't notice anything that wasn't perfectly fine.

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I finished love, death and robots -


Highlight episodes:


zima blue (loved the story) 

sonnie’s edge (badass)

lucky 13 (best mix of cgi and story) 

Beyond the Aquila Rift (personal favorite)

good hunting (just a great story, in general)

the witness (erotic and trippy) 


The rest ranged from slightly amusing to good. 




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12 minutes ago, zwarior said:

Finally getting a chance to marathon Love Death + Robots. Just finished "The Witness" and instantly recognized it's by one of my favorite animators, Alberto Mielgo, check him out:


Most of his content (including the link to his site) are NSFW but this video is:





i loved the witness and i dug that video you posted. 

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