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The Stupid Phone Thread

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I got a new phone with a new plan.  Galaxy S9.   I feel like a GOD

Apple is doomed lol    

it’s a giant leap ahead of the competition. In so many ways, Samsung surpassed even its toughest rivals with the Galaxy S10"    He is avoiding the conclusion of the same review he post

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3 minutes ago, -GD- said:

iPhone 7+ 

i would get the x, but I love my phone. It’s already too powerful imo.

I love my 7+ too. When the 8+ was released, I would have actually saved $40 a month by upgrading to it. Hopefully they have a similar deal for the X. 

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iPhone 7

I'm content with it, still wishing it had an aux port but what can we do.  Not planning to upgrade to the 8 or X. Feel like 8 is the same and I want to wait for the second gen of the X before I jump.

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9 minutes ago, AdrianWerner said:

I think it's Moto G2? Something like this. I use my phone pretty much as chat device plus as audiobook player :D

Btw..who was the SW nutjob that was crazy about Blackberry? Can't remember :D

Me! I work for them 

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Ebay had great prices. For some reason,  the sprint version of the phone is 40% of the other ones. :| I need gsm/tt-mobile.  Waiting till I can get one for  $125 too. The equilibrium price. Imo note 4 was the last removable battery note and best one. The newer ones aren't much faster. I've bought this phone twice fyi. Not trying to be a cheapskate 

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