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Nicalis is bringing The End is Nigh, Dungreed and Crystal Crisis on PS4

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Nintendo-centric developer and publisher Nicalis might think there are still people playing indies on PS4. They published a video announcing that 3 games are coming to the console next year. The End is Nigh is the latest hardcore platformer from Edmund McMillen (The Binding of Isaac, Super Meat Boy) and Tyler Glaiel (Closure). Dungreed is a procedural action rogue-lite game that you can find on Steam since February and is also coming to Switch next year. Finally, Crystal Crisis was announced as a Switch exclusive back then, but it will also be available on PS4 from April 23th 2019. It's a puzzle game based on an unexpected collaboration between Nicalis games and Osamu Tezuka's works (Astro Boy, Black Jack).

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