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BFV for cheap? PS4

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So I just got a ps4 and FIFA 19 mostly to play online.

I am joining a Peruvian group to play Battlefield but they are basically telling me to get V.

Any deals going on?

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:D @lynux3, but yeah this was posted the other day by @Twinblade





Battlefield 5 is $30 for Owners of Previous games (BF1/BF4) and $40 for Everyone Else





Seems like it used to take a long time for games to dip down to half price. Battlefield V has only been out a few weeks and it's already available for $30 (or $40 for the Deluxe Edition). The only catch is that you have to own and have access to a recent Battlefield game. But if you don't? You can still get the standard edition for $40 from various retailers.

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