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Microsoft just patented cloud split rendering

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Think of this similar to the way destruction is handled in Crackdown 3 where large calculations which computationally cannot be managed by local hardware are handled on the server and then fed back to the client, except in the instance of this it applies to graphical rendering and computational game processing. This right here is some next-gen tech that could not only increase fidelity and offset bandwidth and latency issues associated with traditional game streaming but also make higher end graphics which exceed the capability of local hardware better. 


They just played an ace with this, I don't see how anyone could compete with this. This is a lockout patent that fucks everyone else in the industry trying to enter this space and even those that already exist in it. 


Embodiments of the present invention split game processing and rendering between a client and a game server. A rendered video game image is received from a game server and combined with a rendered image generated by the game client to form a single video game image that is presented to a user. Control input is received by a client device and then communicated to a game server, potentially with some preprocessing, and is also consumed locally on the client, at least in part. An embodiment of the present invention processes and renders some or all of a character's interactions with game objects on the client device associated with the character. A character is associated with a client device when control input associated with the character is received from a user of the client device.







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