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Bodycount N

TALES OF VESPERIA: The Definitive Edition. One of the best games EVER made.

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Today I went to Gamestop and picked up Tales of Vesperia for the PS4. What a weird feeling it was, picking up this game again, it was probably my favourite game when I was a kid.  I also have the Switch namco-store  CE in the mail. I bought it on everything but xbox, lol.


 I flashed back 10 years, when i got the game for 360. I only had $70 bucks (I was working for minimum wage @ American apparel, a clothing company for little punk kids that is now dead and bankrupt) so i got the standard edition, even though the collector's edition was in the glass case. I couldn't afford it at the time (it would go on to be worth $300+) on ebay, so i was always bitter about that.


I just can't believe how much life has changed since i last bought this game. 10 years is a long ass time. I went from a Xbox guy to an "anything but xbox" guy. I went from a punk kid to a man with a master's degree and 100+ students to take care of. I had long hair back then and now my hairline is receeding and i'm going to be an ugly bald fuck. my dad passed away in the last year too, which really fucked me up.


what a weird life it's been, but I will say this, this game is still a 10/10 and SW.com is still going. Weird. :glad: 

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