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CuckroSoft porting Super Lucky's Tale to the NINTENDO(R) SWITCH!

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thanks for the 60MC banger, cuckrosoft, but I think we'll stick with AAAAE's like Odyssey.  :smoke: 



Playful Corp concept artist Taylor Smith reportedly references the "environment assets for the upcoming Nintendo Switch port" he worked on in his CVs. If this isn't convincing enough, the LinkedIn profile of the former Playful Corp employee, Jesse Sosa, reveals how she helped ship Super Lucky's Tales on Nintendo Switch.






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13 minutes ago, DynamiteCop! said:

A third party is taking their third party game and releasing it on another platform?

They're just following the lead from Microsoft. :roff: 

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4 minutes ago, -GD- said:

scores aside, was this at least fun? it looks like mindless entertainment. 

I think it's one of those situations where you're much better off with Hat in Time or Yooka-Laylee.

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Hat in Time was really good .


Luckys Tale was OK at best but it worth a play on game pass . I might try the PC version cause Xbox was only 30fps 


Never played yooka 

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