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Shenmue 3 presentation today

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New screenshot, looks fairly pretty.






"So to sum up the whole thing:
- Shenmue III will be at Magic 2019 with a conference dedicated to the game with Yu Suzuki attending there.
- They'll show an "extensive" new trailer made for Magic 2019.
- Two new screenshots have been revealed (showing Ryo and Shenhua's face).
- They'll be showing an exclusive gameplay segment to a FEW SELECTED people at Magic 2019 (I guess we wont see it then).
- They'll be selling a Shenmue III tshirt at the event. It'll be made in limited quantities and only sold at Magic 2019."






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New facial models.








It's amazing how badly they fucked them up initially, now we have to get a facial model update cause of it each time so it's less embarassing.

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It does look better than the previous showings. I'll give it that.


It's still Shenmue though and I've never cared for the series and I'm not about to start now.

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