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IGN - I miss when BR games were slower

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6 hours ago, -GD- said:

i think it's a shitty sub-genre, altogether

 Seriously. I don't understand how people can sit there and play that shit for hours.

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Not one of them has ever hooked me for more than a a period of a couple days.


The Blackops Beta was fun, but then I realized I'm never going to invest serious time into it.


Fortnite's building mechanism wasn't even the worst part; it was the 2/3 of your match you spent harvesting 'mats'.


Ring of Elysium was fun for a few days, having a different series of kits, but due to the map and how the zones worked, only the hang glider was feasible.


And PUBG's lack of optimization  (sure you can tell me it's mostly resolved now) but it's still a mil-sim game in a BR world, plus you spend as much time (if not more than Fortnite) collecting gear as opposed to resources.



While the genre may be here for long-term, I think I can officially state my interest in the genre as follows:  :|

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