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Digital Foundry Retro - Contra 3 - The Alien Wars

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I always love watching these episodes and seeiing all the cool little tricks that developers used to create interesting 3d effects during the 16-bit era. :glad: 

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7 minutes ago, DynamiteCop! said:

John should make these videos full time and let Tom and Rich focus on the analysis stuff. 

Yea.  Even though I still think John does the best job in analysis videos, he's stated that he's tired of comparing the current gen consoles because it's usually the same song and dance every time.  It's predicable and boring.  During other types of video's his excitement and interest is more palpable, and he gets to share some knowledge that other people might not know about.  That... and there's less toxicity surrounding those videos than there are the comparison videos.. which he doesn't deal well with.  


I like when he joins another member of the DF team and has a discussion about games.  He works well with all of them really.  So even just tagging along for some analysis videos by Tom, Rich, or Alex would be good while he does his own things.  Rich is great when he's talking about hardware, reviews, and discussing things they've seen or events they've been to.  Tom is getting really good and comfortable with his comparison videos, so that's good.. and Alex is much better and more comfortable now as well than he was during his first few.  He actually goes over and in depth into various effects explaining what they do, how they work, and how they affect framerates.  Makes vids explaining technology and upcoming technology.. and spends a lot of time actually speaking with developers.  With the updated consoles entering the view, it was pretty much impossible for the team of their size to cover everything, and Alex is pretty much the perfect person to take up the PC side.


I'm looking forward to seeing how Ray-tracing performs in Metro, as well as DLSS comparisons for BF5 which comes in the patch on Tuesday, and Metro and Anthem.  Shit is fucking interesting :glad: 

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