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Days Gone – Sarah & Deacon's Wedding trailer

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another mature story-driven game with AAA production values for the adult-male demographic. :glad:


Then it's Tsushima, Last of us 2, Death Stranding and god knows what else, hot off the heels of God of War, Detroit, and Spiderman.


If MS could mange even one game that looks anything like those 10 I just listed above, it would be the #1 fauXclusive being hyped by Xbox owners. They're literallY STARVING for a game like this, one that doesn't look like a fucking saturday morning cartoon.


get off your ass, MS.

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Starting to get more and more keen for this. Looking better and better but still doesn't seem at the level of other Sony first party games. We'll see though. Id be very happy if it gets 8s across the board. 


Still so much prior to it though.

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