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What the incel badass right teens behinda desktop

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Don't want you to see. @Saucer






This shit DOES make the world a much better place. I see BOTH fucking races maturing and growing in areas past racism taught them otherwise. I loved Heather bs fascination and sure enough, she had a poigant speech in a society that tells everyone black people cant be intelligent or open to other races. 


You also have Chinese people not be fuxjing afraid of darkies so much (hey Sauce, you dont know shit. It's a real thing. I experience it all the fucking time).



Awareness of intersectionalism is a good thing. It addresses the racial pain some of you [white] don't experience..


But there only a handful of you who thinks that's because racial prejudice is over.  While people like mike jehurey gd etc can look in a mirror, read a history book or two, and probably piece together the puzzle. :drake:




Btw, op vid puts a colossal smile on my face. 


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whatya do when you have a cold? it started sunday and so far i jerked off a few times, smoked blunts and watched the asterix and oberlix cartoon movies. 


normally i watch band of brothers but i did that a few months ago or i play path of exile but my throat hurts so bad its hard to find the time to drink tea while playing. 


btw the asterix movies man always cracked me up since i was a kid :D 





german version is so much better 

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