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NBA/NHL Playoff Thread

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22 minutes ago, Goukosan said:

Raps blew that game :tophat2:

Yeah, didn't like that at all. 


Kyle ain't shooting that good again, gotta take advantage of that. Nurse is too stubborn with in game adjustments. He should have subbed Danny out mid 4th for Ibaka and went big. Gasol was getting dominated by Lopez and the big lineup worked great against Philly. Not to mention Serge can actually shoot a midranger and Danny has been playing awful. 


That said, Green, Gasol and Siakam all had fairly poor games. Kawhi wasn't fantastic either even though he ended with 31. So there were definitely some positives...again, I don't expect Kyle to shoot that well but if he gets his confidence from that game and can continue to give them like 13/6/6 that'll be good. I thought they did a good job on Giannis too. I expect Middleton and Bledsoe to be better next game, but I also expect Lopez to have no where near 29 points. 


I think it's gonna be a 6/7 gamer regardless. 

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>Implying Warriors fans won't just change bandwagons.  

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Boston Bruins are in the Stanley Cup Finals. We’ll see if San Jose Sharks can win for a game 7 on Tuesday. St. Louis Blues could win and go to the Stanley Cup on Tuesday. Exciting times.

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16 hours ago, Quad Damage said:

except none were the #1 seed last year and then upgraded to kawhi.

Bucks got Giannis turning into an MVP and went from one of the worst coaches in the league to one of the best. Getting Kawhi and dropping Casey should put the Raps in the finals, but you're just being ridiculous if that Bucks team doesn't look like a serious upgrade over last season.


Raps are still the more talented team, though. There's nobody else to blame for FVV turning into a second string G-League chucker that is just completely killing the second unit thanks to still getting almost 20 minutes a game. Or the inconsistency from guys like Green, Ibaka, and Gasol, that have enough playoff experience that consistency shouldn't be the problem in limited roles.


Raps not making the finals would be disappointing, but if they bow out in a competitive, seven game series against this Bucks team I wouldn't be too upset. Problem is they're playing like they're lucky to have avoided a sweep.

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This series is going 7 but the longer it goes the worse chance either team has of beating GS. Durant/Cousins are getting more time to heal. 

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