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Digital Foundry - Saint's Row the Third on Switch... ouch

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Just now, DynamiteCop! said:

You have no idea what you're talking about, this is about as stupid and in line with your whole anisotropic filtering speel. 



A Tegra X1 merely has 256 CUDA cores compared to a similar Maxwell-era desktop gpu like say a GTX 960 gpu which has 1024 CUDA cores.


Its literally packing in the same type of architicture, but the die is obviously much smaller.


Sorry, you lost this one, handily.


Sorta like a Switch handheld HANDILY beats a X360 in power.  Buh bye.

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1 hour ago, Remij_ said:

It's obviously a case of a game that was ported with as little optimization as possible, with an engine tailored to vastly different hardware.. more than any real commentary on the Switch's capabilities.  Built from the ground up SR3 on Switch would smash the PS3/360 versions.


But still... it's another janky port :francis: 



Trash port. 

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