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Shenmue 3 Gameplay

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Preview: Shenmue III: a playable demo that makes you fear the worst - E3 2019

It's been four years since fans counted days waiting for their polygon Messiah. Ever since it hit the mark at E3 2015, stuck between a trailer of The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy VII Remake , Shenmue III has fueled as much controversy as it has hopes - which we will probably and regrettably tone down.


Our impressions

As it stands, Shenmue III is more like a student project put together with Unreal Engine 4 than a real video game expected to be release at this end of the year. There's still so much to do technically that we doubt Shenmue III can save the day by the time it gets released in November 2019. And we're necessarily very worried for the game: at this stage of the development, we didn't expect Shenmue III to still look like a prototype.

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I won't trust reviews for this game. All the little PC Steam fuckwits in this industry (and there are a ton) will be lowballing this game now. they have a personal grudge.


If I was Yu Suzuki I just wouldn't have bothered with PC. No point in trying to work with PC gamers, they're negative, toxic, and simply don't deserve games.

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