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Guest ~SM~

oh snap know what i just remembered

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12 hours ago, Guest Sprinkles said:

i got another story i want to share. this is a long one but this shit needs to come out cause people need to know


there was a poster there called sprinkles aka gio

he was this unfunny douche who stole jokes from something awful  or gay porn and trying to be left wing while being a massive race baiting cunt


he was the biggest pussy ive ever met in my life 

he sought out my aim name off people i knew and started demanding i not lock his unfunny threads or out his alts. 

he invited me to a private AIM chat where he and his butt hounds (wesker, criminal5, neveryan) tried to bully me into banning baljot (the same walking heart attack that they raided this site over)

making threads called "now calling for baljot to leave this site" and demanding i float it

stealing penis gif's from something awful and throwing a fit cause i wont hall of fame it after 5 posts


then he blocked me and  rage quit the site for almost a year. then comes back and the forum crashes (i wonder why) hours later

he said he was clinically depressed over his fiancee dumping him then i learn it was fake and he was mad over this. LMAO


he starts bothering me again trying to get me to ban random ass people for stupid shit.

he got a entire sub forum (liquid lurker) banned cause he wanted to talk shit to them and not get in trouble 

he wanted me to ban hot sauce cause the name was racist to blacks

ban gamedrunk cause he was a ufc loving dudebro who derails threads

ban uberchink cause his fiancee is chinese and she lurks the site 

ban remy for talking back to him

ban zwarrior for being better at baiting people than him


even tried to make me ban his homeboys like big evil for "being disrespectful" and G-C for being annoying (he was)


summer of 2007 he comes crying to me that he needs someone permed asap and links me

its a thread where he flamed neozurg for no reason and neozurg flamed him back and 2 people laughed. he wanted me to perm neo for that :|

i refused and he kept asking me for the rest of the summer. 

one day in october he starts spamming me with the rules of the forum then doing stupid shit to claim im some biased mod

makes a---and im not kidding here a test thread, he litteraly told me it was a test thread and he and his butt hounds were litteraly practicing memes and pics they made for me cause they were looking to make me leave for refusing to ban neozurg, then demands i delete the thread

the next day he butts into a rap thread (he dosent even listen to rap) and picks a fight with me then blocks me on aim and i flat out state i dont give a shit and now i wont be begged with bans over dumb shit.


then---dear god im not making this up these losers really are this fucking sad.


thanksgiving weekend he spend the entire time, 5 days straight trying to do stupid shit to get banned but then wanting people banned for talking back to him.

first he sees soulkeeper there and unblocks me and tells me to ban that dude cause he cummed on a picture of a girl and his argument was she was underage and then screams at me to do it or he wont leave me alone on the forums.

then he spams up a thread i made and said this will continue if i dont do as he says.

then he trashes the board and talks about how much he hates that place...then overcell trolls them and he cries like a bitch and demands i go ban him

then right on thanksgiving he finds posts where bodycount was trolling them and demands i ban him. i say no and ask bc to stay and he throws another fit and makes a thread attacking the board then concentrates only on me. starts crying over what shows i watch and how i make random threads when thats all he fucking does. 

then someone, i wont say who cause gio is a cunt who will bully this person tells me that he had a aim chat with his fag friends and his plan was to get me to ban him and they would make "why was gio banned" and "im leaving" threads to get me demodded for refusing to ban neozurg


what kind of loser spends thanksgiving doing that?


i avoided the site for a few days and come back and hes crying that hes only an asshole to see if people are worth keeping there

then he passes this stupid idea to make a thread label called SDO or he will troll it.

then im on vacation in Orlando on CHRISTMAS and this cunt spams me with textes about needing me to ban dynamite GA, a dude whose been there since sw2 formed cause he supported ron paul

then i go to the thread and theres people kissing up to him and saying "gio bringing dat ownage" and he was literally whining about banning dynamite :| holy shit

then he sperged out again over this and spammed the site with lame ass threads.


he finally gets banned and begs me to let him back into the site cause he wants to keep talking shit then gets mad and says IM NEVER COMING BACK TO SW2 like i give a shit.

then that rapey fuck criminal05 cries about how i banned him and follows me crying for months then making himself a victim when i fight back at his ugly deaf ass



also gio ran to this secret forum he had where he would make plans on who he was gonna stalk and threads to derail and attack and made a manifesto about how that place will die if you dont ban game discussion and sports threads


and yall thought black hand was a loser :D


also he rage quit sw2 again for 3 years cause wesker wouldnt listen to a song he sent him on aim, spammed the site and cut ties with everyone too. 

another piece of shit who was actively trying to destroy that site and they still let him post there.

also holy shit this dude had the entire forum up his ass it was sad. 


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Guest MAR



im gonna forever laugh at these tools. i remember wolfman, a piece of shit who:

-bitched me out for banning cubaholic for being annoying and how spam and racism make the board entertaining but then cried that jedi paladin said "niglet"

-spent 2 days crying to me and wasim to ban carver from here for saying he hates rap and its fake music

-defended sw2's creeps like alec effiel who used to call me a kike and a bottom feeder when all he did was play WOW all day

-showed me multiple boards where he does the same gimmick as sw2, pretending to be freinds with the mods so he can get away with sex creeping, racism and being a douche

-cut ties with me for cracking a suicide joke, claimed he was getting married then said he lied and wanted me to stop talking to him cause i offended him by joking about suicide

-contacts me on sw2 like nothing happened and chimps out when i tell him to go away

-tells me foolio and drunken snake suck and if i need help i go to him only, i ask him for help and he ignores me but then comes to help gio troll the board and blocks me

-gio shows me convos with him where he claims i tried to kill myself over him 

-he sends me a PM telling me to listen to some garbage ass rap album, i tell him i saw what he said and to fuck off, he unblocks me and calls me a n i g g er and tells me he will block me for accusing him of blocking me

-spams up sw2 with lame ass chris benoit jokes and sending me PM's daring me to ban him, i call him a pussy who rage quits over religeon jokes and he chimped out and spammed sw2 again out of spite

-changes his name to plantanos and tells me to eat a banana, makes threads bashing latinos but when point blank mentions KFC to him he cries to ceebz to permaban him and then blames it on me when i wasnt even home when all of it happened

-rage quits cause wesker mentioned his religion to him, blames the entire thing on me and cries im an asshole and i let people get away with shit when he was trying to get me to ban him over chris benoit jokes

-gets gio banned for mentioning his cult to him, comes crying to me in 30 seconds to ban him or hes never coming back to sw2 or talkign to me again, gets gio banned and suddenly wants him back and demands i let him cause he said sorry and then claims the whole thing was bait to proove sw2 dosent need mods (now we know why)

-cries to me to get ohiostatesucks banned for being funnier than him then chimps out and tries to defend him when  i bash him to spite me over chris benoit

-called for a emergency meeting with me, spartan and frizzy cause wicked tribe called him annoying, then spent a year plotting revenge and attacking tribe then claiming hes joking then chimped out cause tribe said hes a athiest and cried to the mods to make him leave, everyone called his dumbass out 

-gio makes a thread bashing posters and he cries to me that this is the new normal in sw2, personal attacks if you dont let gio back in to do what he wants, crying how its ok to call mr vegeta's wife ugly cause hes right wing and calls braden a baby killing retard

-deleted me off XBL 8 times in a row cause i called chris benoit a shitty joke

-claims that criminal5 (@thamosdeaf) calling me a darkie every day for 2 years cause i didnt like a tribe called quest was tounge in cheek 

-spams up sw2 with benoit threads, gets banned and blames it on me then admits he knew it wasnt me and just wanted attention cause the board is boring without gio

-bitched me out for having wesker on my steam list and tells me i deserve to get harrassed by him

-tried to teach dre a lesson for calling him a tap dancing coon by acting like a tap dancing coon

-told me via DM hes gonna leave forever cause HAL installed some lame joke to make every poster talk like the chef from the muppets then spammed the forum with benoit jokes

-told me how hes gonna spam up sw2 with shitty jokes about gamers cause he wants the forum to be boring without gio

-kissed to racists like shootamcg, noob nation while calling every black poster like remy, dre, lowtcp filthy ******s and uncle toms

-told me if he learns im talking to wicked tribe hes gonna make up stories about my family and dox me to every board he sees me at then said i dont know both sides of the story so i cant take sides (aka he wanted to fuck wicked tribe and tribe said no)

-only got mad at me for callinf baljot fat cause i called chris benoit a shitty joke

-tried to ban me from talking to foolio cause he was funnier than him

-made a thread kissing phreak64's ass then told me phreak sucks and he was ognna go off on him cause he asked mr vegeta why dosent he just fly somewhere instead of driving then screamed at me for refusing to take his side

-spent 9 hours crying about how much he hates sw2 on XBL

-told me to lose 200 lbs when hes disgusitingly out of shape, like if uncle ruckus got a mohawk and gorilla arms

-sent me a private message telling me to help him destroy sw2 with spam, racism and kiddy porn and hes dead serious and how much he hates that site and everyone there...i sent the PM to spartan446 and spartan didnt do jack shit about it cause gio is right about him being spineless 

-he only raided this site and cried like a bitch about me for 13 hours to save face and spite me for snitching on him 

-came here demanding we design a logo for his garbage business hes been bragging about opening for years but just wanted attention cause noone responded to his shit posts in sw2

-the last time i ever spoke to realmatic before he died he told me wolfman was a fucking little bitch 

-heard he STILL cries about me and still lies about my mom dying for attention, whining i shoulda left SW/sw2 when my mom is alive and he only threatened to lie to make me leave


this sack of shit made a thread asking what they would do if i came back and sent people to this site to mention it to me, i had dudes adding me to steam to mention and link me to the thread, coming here to mention it to me, emailing me and contacting me on AOL IM and MSN  to bring it up

i finally go cause fact0r wouldnt STFU about it, he spent 8 hours talking about sw2 (thats all he talked about) and...

it was a 1 page thread that was almost 2 years old and had:

-baljot still mad i banned shoota and called him fat

-criminal05 still mad i called q tip shitty

-nuclearaddict crying about the get on aim argument when wesker made it up cause i didnt want to add him to steam

-some creepy fag called melvin having a panic attack over the idea of me posting there

-drunken snake still mad at me that i deleted wesker off steam

-people crying they miss me and how the board sucks without me and if i saw what they were doing (trading CP) i would leave in disgust

i go to the bottom of the thread and see theres like 8 posters viewing the thread, they spent years waiting for me to post in that thread and sat there knowing i was reading it LMAO



then i go to the main forum and i see theres only 3 open threads on the entire site, a movie one, a music one and a random shit thread everything else is locked off and if you made a new thread you would be banned.

according to hal this was the more mature forum and the more popular place in 2010 but it was a shit heap with 0 actinity, the thread where iw as mentioned was the only one that got any attention


they wanted me back cause their forum SUCKS without me and they didnt want to admit it LMAO


then literally a week later it comes out they are trading child porn and the board shuts down. 

all the posters disappear, delete me off steam, baljot stopped emailing me to call me a fag, fact0r never came back on aim again, just made this thread asking for me to remind me he didnt kill himself 

 the ones i had on steam acted like they hadnt posted there in years or never went there


wolfman also tried to contact me multiple times here, one under a account called ~SM~ 

trying to find me on facebook with a account called jungle japes (a joke he demanded i let him in on or hed block me)

sending people to text me on my phone to tell me he had a brain tumor and when i tell them he deserves it they cry and ask why i hate him all of a sudden :|






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Guest MAR
4 hours ago, SheepKilla said:

one of the wittiest things ever is how ShadowMario10 changed his name to 'ShadowMar10' 



he got banned from sw2 for calling a poster fat but wesker chimping out cause i didnt want to add him to steam was ok

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30 minutes ago, Guest MAR said:

he got banned from sw2 for calling a poster fat but wesker chimping out cause i didnt want to add him to steam was ok

i got banned from sw2 for being banned from sw2

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Guest MAR
4 hours ago, SheepKilla said:

i got banned from sw2 for being banned from sw2

i got banned for laughing at someones name DAT NIGGA WORF and the mods pushed for a perma ban but some whiter than befragen's inner thigh fag called nuclear addict using the name DAT NI GG ER BENOIT was ok

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20 minutes ago, Guest MAR said:

i got banned for laughing at someones name DAT NIGGA WORF and the mods pushed for a perma ban but some whiter than befragen's inner thigh fag called nuclear addict using the name DAT NI GG ER BENOIT was ok

lmfao i remember nuclearaddict. 


he was alright. 

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Guest MAR
3 hours ago, SheepKilla said:

lmfao i remember nuclearaddict. 


he was alright. 

you spammed his lastfm with tortondo lore LMAO

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Guest MAR

man that felt good to come clean about :)


i could go on and on about this site theres so many horror stories and all of it was shit i saw in like 3 years. who knows what else they done there since.


but i have to go now, im probably gonna be murdered for posting this shit, look at all the creepy shit they did to me here cause i called baljot fat (he is), refused to talk to wesker on steam, called qtip shit and told wolfman his only joke was annoying and gay. now that you guys know the truth who knows what will happen to me.


one last thing:


a poster there called pointblank made threads attacking me then told me via PM that if i want him to go away i had to link him to this thread here that got shit binned

the thread was full of underage girls


LMAO :scust:

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On 2019-12-30 at 10:20 PM, Cookester15 said:

I'm shutting this board down. It has hit 1337 posts

holy shit!

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Just now, Cookester15 said:

1339 now.. too late

just delete several posts and then close the board :jokercat:

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On 2019-12-30 at 10:20 PM, Cookester15 said:

I'm shutting this board down. It has hit 1337 posts

Before you shut it down, make me a mod so I can delete all the posts.

I feel like spreading some Diplomacy here. :TJ:

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