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QLOC devs who made Dark Souls Remastered reveal that the game actually uses checkerboard rendering.. fooling both DF and VGTech

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46 minutes ago, Teh_Diplomat said:

Tupac said he could count frames per second, so there's that.

i know tupac said a lot of shit but I think he meant "feel"?


also lol this guy vanished after this gen started ??

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9 minutes ago, Remij_ said:

That they are guesses.  They weren't ever proof.  Which is actually why I call into question their results a lot of the time.. especially when other sources get different results and I can compare resolution and framerate to comparable PC results.  Kind of like what I did with FarCry 5.  I don't believe that game runs native 4K on X1X.. at least not all the time.  My reasoning is because when comparing to a comparable spec PC, the only thing that makes sense with the numbers is that it drops res but goes largely unnoticed because of the excellent TAA implementation.  But I can't PROVE it.  I could only use another source which actually said that it does have a dynamic resolution.


So I choose to believe that source instead.


So while I argued that with Dynamite.. there's no convincing him that FC5 isn't native 4K on X1X.  The developers would have to actually come out and say that.. but like you said.. they wouldn't comment or would simply say, it's 100% native all the time.. so that's what we're left with.  If you can't tell the difference... devs aren't going to rush out and say that it's actually not native ect ect.. they're going to leave it at that.


So it is what it is.  Until you can get the actual devs to comment, then it's all guesses.  And if these nitpickers are convinced than the general public will be as well.  So this one example isn't an excuse that all their results are now called into question.  Their results were never gospel to begin with.

Well that's in part not only because of the initial findings but also the fact that after the whole "it could be dynamic" thing DF released another video concerning Far Cry 5's expansions which were found to be native 4K and this time around it was analysed by Tom Morgan, not John Linneman. 

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4 minutes ago, Team 2019 said:

It's getting sad that people that do this for a living can't even pixel count shit correctly



It's AMAZING that people who do this shit for a living are beginning to not be able to tell the difference.  What the fuck are you going on about?  Especially YOU as a proponent of checkerboard rendering.

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