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Bodycount N

Apple Arcade launches September 19, includes an exclusive JRPG from Square/Octopath traveler devs, and a new Chu Chu Rocket game from Sega

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Xbox officially bumped down to 5th place.






■ New and Exclusive Games

From action and adventure games to party and puzzle games, everyone can count on finding something they’ll love. Some of the titles:


Various Daylife (Square Enix)

A brand-new RPG from the creators of Bravely Default and Octopath Traveler. In the year 211 of the Imperial Era, players explore a newly discovered continent while living life to the fullest in the city of Erebia.

Various Daylife




ChuChu Rocket! Universe (Sega)

ChuChu Rocket! Universe explodes as Sega launches the beloved ChuChus into a universe of strange and wonderful planets with over 100 mind-bending puzzles. (Gameplay footage here.)

ChuChu Rocket! Universe



So let's recap:


Nintendo: Exclusives 

Sony: Exclusives 

Google: Exclusives

Apple: Exclusives

Microsoft: X

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