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Vasectomy is spreading like a plague (Millennials killing the birthrate).).

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So I found out recently that yet another friend couple are planning to do this insanity. Avoiding parenthood is really common among my age group, and it makes me always wonder whether its the lack of maturity or fear of responsibility. Its always easy to blame everything but yourself "bu but teh climate change, but bu teh economy, bu bu my precuious free time", so what is it really?


 Knowing many of you online, I cant tell what your future plans are, but so far only Ike and Motherfucker got kids here? 

Sure, we prolly wouldnt want jimbo/kaz to have any children, but what about the rest of you? Is is vidya games for the rest of life or fulfilling society's expactations?


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Actually, its people who have kids and don't devote the proper time and resources to bringing them up properly that is one of the most immature and harmful things people can do in society.


Its short-sighted. The people in my group who had kids were almost always the ones who planned ahead the least.


Trying to act like having kids is a metric for measuring one's "grown-up-ness".......is laughable.

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I can see positives on both sides tbh. 

Kids are a lot of time and effort and I’m already at the point where I feel like I don’t have a ton of either left and I don’t even work a particularly rough schedule...basically 9-520 M-F every day including commute. 

Then there’s a certain freedom that I feel like I’d miss having with kids in the picture, both financially and decision making. Right now we’re at the point where we can make discretionary purchases or go on last minute trips that won’t be possible with kids in the picture. Lucky enough that even with kids it wouldn’t be particularly tight but there would have to be a lot more planning and discipline with them. Kids would also likely mean moving to the suburbs. Toronto is just too expensive to, no way we could reasonably raise kids down here. A 2 bedroom condo is gonna cost you like 2800 rent or 800k to buy. Suburbs means a commute since most jobs are gonna be in the city. Even half decent houses in suburbs that are barely even reasonable commutes (like 90 minutes each way on a good day, which with Canadian weather there’s only so many of) are 500k+ and getting more expensive either way. 


On the flip side there’s obviously some benefits to having kids that are harder to quantify. There’s clearly a joy and price in raising someone and it would make the monotony of going to work every day feel more worth it. Plus family that will be there when you’re older and that. 

I don’t really care about the societal pressures. I’m sure my parents want grandchildren but I wouldn’t stretch myself for that reason alone. 

All that said I’m 29 so who knows how I’ll feel in a few years. Girl wants them so I’m sure I’ll end up with 1 or 2, probably not for a few years at least though. 

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5 minutes ago, bhytre said:

- Hey I'm glad you're all here, I have a surprise I wanna show you!

- Don't tell me.. she's finally pregnant?!

- No look!

- ...



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I got kids. But I always planned for them and made decisions based on having them and now my world revolves around them.

If you aren’t going to be able to dedicate the time to them then you will do a lot more harm by having kids then by making the decision to not have kids. 

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