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Polygon: How the PlayStation changed video games forever

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PlayStation beginnings from a failed collaboration with Nintendo and later on the Playstation/Saturn rivalry are fascinating to read. People who weren’t part of that era in games could never understand the impact of PlayStation and the shift from 2D to 3D. It was a true gamechanger.

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I hope the giant bomb guys take the time to go over their memories of that time where they were unvieling it, which also coincides with the time they were just starting up E3.


The amazing part was that this industry, the biggest companies making the most important decisions that affected everything else, was in the hands of just a small group of people.


Feels very "Pirates of Silicon Valley" like.  And back then you can definitely tell that the Playstation was marketed like a product out of MTV, with the "U R not E" ads.


Now that makes sense, knowing that the Playstation launch here in America was handled by Sony Music, if anything that happened to be a stroke of good luck, because the Playstation immediately had a unique image from the very start.

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How did PlayStation change gaming.  

SEGA was way more crucial in consoles adapting disc formats in the early-to-mid 90s. 


Their SEGA CD platform helped pave the way and SONY was apart of it as a publisher. 

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