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RTX flopped RTX flopped RTX floppeeeeeeed, and TCHBFR

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1 hour ago, MalaXmaS said:

Now that I finally got your attention Remij, I need your help.

What would be good set-up to run PC games at high settings?


Depends what your budget/resolution target is.. but a good well rounded system would be


GPU: 2070 Super / 5700XT

CPU: Ryzen 3700x

MOBO: Any decent x570 motherboard (PCIe Gen 4 support for future proof)

MEM: 16GB or 32GB RAM depending on budget (32 for future proof)

DRIVE: NVMe SSD (you'll probably need one in the future.. when the next gen consoles hit games could require these speeds)


That's pretty much it atm.  Early next year the GPU recommendation will likely change... but yea.

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