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Specs still not final?

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We're less than a year away from Black Friday 2020.


And lemmings are trying to tell us that MS still hasn't finalized the hardware on their next-gen console.:tom:


For fucks sake, I just found out that Disney didn't plan on manufacturing toys for Baby Yoda until recently because they wanted to keep the character a secret in The Mandelorian, and they just now went into manufacturing, and its going to take 6 months from TODAY.




But the lemmings are still trying to pretend that a much more complex product such as a new gaming console still hasn't finalized its hardware specs less than a year from manufacturing and launch. LOL

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27 minutes ago, Remij_ said:

No.. the specs aren't final.


RAM capacity could change, frequencies can change, storage capacity can change, price can change.. :shrug: 

and yet the only things that matter will remain constant: Xbox has no worthwhile exclusives worth buying the console for and TLHBO. :roff:

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Just now, Cookester15 said:

I wonder what exclusives he's playing 

he's playing multiplats exclusively on scarlett :whew:

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