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Sony copying the Z button 24 years later. Adding back button to DS4

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5 minutes ago, Team 2019 said:

It's an elite controller solution, what's the problem? OLED thing aside.

For one.. it's ugly.  Yea, we all want a big notch with a screen right where we put our fingers.  The screen is simply retarded.. and the fact that they didn't even want to bother to update the PS4 firmware thus requiring the screen it is just stupid... A screen which will drain battery life quicker on the controller which is already by far the worst controller for battery life this gen.  And they do this right at the end of a gen when a new controller will make this one obsolete.. lmao


There's nothing "elite" about this... it's the same shitty DS4 controller now with a shitty add-on that costs almost the price of a new controller.


LMAO fuck Sony and fuck you "iz awesum" :tom: 

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As dumb as this is it's clear that Sony is echoing Microsoft in terms of forward compatibility for accessories, so the PS4 controller has to have the same inputs the PS5 controller has. It would seem that this will be a feature of the PS5 controller and they had to get an attachment out ASAP to account for this.


I wouldn't spend a dime on this dumb shit but that seems likely. 

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12 minutes ago, Team 2019 said:

This confirms the PS5 controller has paddles as standard. Not sure what people are bitching about. Isn't what people wanted anyways?

It's more of a why bother at this point kind of thing.


I mean.. I guess if it can help some people it's fine.. but it's still hilarious that there's a screen on there instead of them incorporating the device into the PS4 firmware.  Though I guess that helps for PC players if it's all in the controller.  Still though.. battery life will be bad I'm sure.

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10 minutes ago, Team 2019 said:

The Dualshock 5 is superior to the new XBox controller now. No question.


Now if PS5 isn't as ugly as the new POS XBox, Sony outdesigned MS.

You're fucking retarded :D

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