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Canada is going to have a Prince as the governor general

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I was watching the news, and the local newscast would have a story about this, and they'd show clips of snooty 60 year old British guys on british television whining like absolute caricatures that you'd see in a movie.  Like they were acting like a character that Hugh Luarie would be playing when he's cast as the annoying British side-character who dies half-way through a movie.


And then I come into this thread...........and there's actually people here bitching about it here.:lawl:


How can people get so mad at this, its almost as if the Royal family exists just so that people can talk shit about them, and now you're getting angry because they don't want to play along anymore.


Like some sort of lame-ass "game."  And they've came to the correct conclusion. The only way for Harry and Megan to "win" this "game"...........is to not play it at all. That's why people are losing their shit.


Canada should bill the UK for the security stuff. There, problem solved. Other than that, who the fuck would spend time following this story?

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5 minutes ago, Delita said:

Jesus I’m not even black but I’m starting to understand more and more. Trump says he grabs women by the pussy, had prostitues pee on him, had an affair with a porn star insults gays and mentally challenged and a million other dumb shit. No problem. He’s “the chosen one” according to Christian pastors. Meghan Markle just existing or Obama wearing a tan suit and putting mayo on his sandwhich? Unacceptable and embarrassing 

You're pretty spot-on with that assessment.


There's like 2 to 3 people in this thread who have spent more time about Markle, just in this thread, than they've spent criticizing Trump and anything he's done in the past 3-4 years.


The reaction is proof that they are making the right decision.

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