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The Mother Fucker

This is my good guess of AMD's GPU lineup in response to NVIDIA

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Now that leaks of big NAVI is coming out. With higher 5000 series model SKUs, this is what I think would be a lineup comparison of AMD GPUs to NVIDIA's. 


             RX 5500XT   >   GTX 1650 Super > GTX 1650
            RX 5600XT   >   GTX 1660Ti  >  GTX 1660 Super > GTX 1660
             RX 5700       >   RTX 2060 Super  >  RTX 2060
            RX 5700XT 50th AE > RTX 2070 Super > RX 5700XT > RTX 2070
             RX 5800       >  RTX 2080 Super > RTX 2080
            RX 5900XT  >  RTX 2080Ti
            RX 5950XT  >  RTX Titan



But the onus  is on AMD.   They have to deliver ray-tracing, A whole new generation is relying on their ability to pull through, and that is what big NAVI aka RDNA 2.0 is suppose to deliver.  



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Why are there so many video cards.  To the next step up typically gains around 10fps.



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