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Bernie Sanders is a Communist and you should be ashamed of yourselves for supporting him

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23 hours ago, Cell said:

As an engineer I would argue that whilst the Germans were indeed great at STEM in the sense that they built the best examples weaponry  during the Second World War, they completely failed at another vital part of engineering: Manufacturing. Sure they built the best tanks and shit but in limited numbers, it’s probably more impressive the yanks and the ruskies managed to pump out thousands and thousands of basic tanks and gear which ended up winning the war for them rather than better equipment in much lower numbers.


Cells two cents. :ben:

Probably why Hitler worshipped Ford so much. 

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5 hours ago, GeorgeW1000 said:

 Tucker is the best. 

:drake: Literally never heard anybody who has any detectable level of testosterone ever say that before. lol

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I mean, how much of a SUCKER do you have to be to be carrying water for the for-profit, privately-run health insurance industry, at THIS current point in time?


I remember listening to one of Bill Burr's earlier podcast many years ago, and he said something that rang way too true.


In any major city, look at the tallest building in the city, and more often than not, its the name of a Health Insurance company on it. That should tell you everything about the state of the health insurance industry, and who is making out like bandits from it.


But not only that, those that are arguing that Single Payer is anti-American.


Look no further than the first fucking thing that written on our nation's Constitution: the Preamble.



We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.


"Establish justice" = constitutional rights and a court system = all of it paid by taxpayer money


"insure domestic tranquility" = proper representation to people in all 50 states = checks and balances in government = all of this paid for by taxpayer money, operated by federal government


"provide for the common defence" = establish a national military = all of it paid for by taxpayer money, operated by federal goverment


"promote the general welfare" = Education, Financial Assistance, Social Welfare programs, and Healthcare

  • = Education paid for by taxpayer money, and regulated by local/state/federal governments.
  • = Financial assistance paid for by taxpayer money, operated by state/federal governments.
  • = Social Welfare programs are paid for by collecting specific taxes for those programs
  • = Healthcare.................we left it at the mercy of for-profit corporations


Something appears to be out of place, bigtime.

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10 minutes ago, Ike said:

Tacoma Dome is probably going to reach its capacity of 23,000 tonight for Bernie. 

The polls over the weekend looked solid for him, and the newest polls to start the week are really starting to trend towards him:


In Nevada:





Memo: Sanders has Strong Lead in Nevada

Authors: Sean McElwee, Executive Director of Data for Progress, Jason Ganz, CTO of Data for Progress, Ryan O’Donnell, Senior Polling Advisor, Data for Progress, Ethan Winter, Senior Adviser

Key Findings:

  • Senator Bernie Sanders has a commanding nineteen point in the Nevada caucus, with 35 percent of likely caucusgoers supporting him. He is followed by Senator Elizabeth Warren, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Former Vice President Joe Biden who are all tightly clustered at 16, 15 and 14 percentage points, respectively. 

  • Senator Amy Klobuchar, whose third place finish in the New Hampshire primary garnered considerable media coverage sits in sixth place with 9 percent of likely caucusgoers supporting her. 

  • Sanders performs extremely well with Hispanic likely caucusgoers, registering 66 percent support, with no other candidate cracking double digits. He continues to see strong support among younger voters, with likely caucusgoers under 45 supporting him at 64 percent. Of those who have made up their mind, Sanders registers 47 percent support. 

  • Democratic voters strongly support both Medicare for All (69 percent in support, 23 percent opposed) and a Green New Deal (93 percent in support, 6 percent opposed).

Data for Progress conducted a poll of 766 likely Nevada caucusgoers from 2/12/2020 through 2/15/2020. Likely caucusgoers were identified from the Nevada voter file and weighted to a likely electorate. Our margin of error is +/- 3.4 percent.  

After coming away with the most votes in each of the two first contests of the Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders is going into the Nevada caucus in a strong position. He may leave in a dominant position. With a nearly 20 point lead over his next most supported opponent, Senator Sanders is in a strong position to solidify his frontrunner status with his showing in Nevada. From there we will see the strength of Joe Biden’s “firewall” in South Carolina (2/29), followed shortly by Super Tuesday (3/2). It should be noted however that Nevada is a notoriously hard state to poll and that there is enough time between now and the caucus for things to change. 

Bernie’s base of support is found both among voters under 45 and Hispanic voters. Among voters under 45, he holds a 50 point lead over Warren who sits in second place with 14 percent. Meanwhile, 66 percent of Hispanic likely caucusgoers back Sanders, with the rest of the field accounting for the remaining 34 percentage points. 



No wonder other democrats have started sharpening their attacks versus Bernie, they're trying to keep it close in Nevada.


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