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Digital Foundry - Metro redux Switch - tech review.

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21 minutes ago, Goukosan said:

Yes that would be true if it took that long for every load.... but that was one stage. 


In the video he states in general load times are fine and reloads from deaths are quick.....but that the only ridiculous load time is for that one stage that he pointed out. 


and from the write up. 


"In some cases, loading is slower than PS4 but still very reasonable and not a huge issue but elsewhere, it can take dramatically longer to load a stage than any other version of the game.


"loading upon death is very quick, which at least removes further frustration once you've back to playing the game" 



So yes... one minute load times are ridiculous... luckily it's only for one stage. :shrug:

Like Lynux said, they only played a tiny portion.  Chances are there's other areas.


Still... something taking 8sec on PS4, to being over 1 min on Switch... is ridiculous.  At least we agree on that.

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16 hours ago, lynux3 said:

Looks like The Wonderful 101 Remastered for PS4 sponsored by Sheep and supported by Nintendo is home run to me. :tom5:


image.png giphy.gif



And you don't think cows didn't put any money into this? 😂

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