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NFL 2020 Season thread

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2 hours ago, Ike BLM said:

Seriously, if I'm Cam Newton, I'm in the best place I could possibly be. Chicago would've been the end of his career in 2-3 years tops. He has a shot at dominating a division for a while with that coaching staff.

It was mores o meant to laugh at teams that are continually inept; meanwhile the Pats can carry on with a (former MVP) QB they picked up for the NFL equivalent of  MS' Gamespass.




Also: :smugd:








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amazing idea! :D






Also, for the news of the day:






No fans will be allowed to attend Buffalo Bills games during pandemic




One of the mandatory conditions in the physical distancing section reads: “Ensure that no live audience, fans, or spectators are allowed to attend or permitted to enter any professional sports venue, even if an outdoor venue. Prohibit fans from congregating outside the venue and implement a security plan to safely disperse any individuals that gather outside of the venue.”


That means that not only can fans not attend games but Bills Mafia will not be allowed to tailgate.


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