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Crucible GS review - 5.0

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 Some interesting characters with abilities that are fun to learn and exhilarating to master
 Alpha Hunters' dynamic alliance formations are a fascinating twist on existing battle royale staples

 Three game modes that all fail to capitalize on the core strengths of the 10 playable characters
 The single map is too large for the main game mode, with far too little happening around it to engage you between PvP fights
 Matchmaking forces you to make character decisions without your teammates while also making it difficult to communicate without them outside of third-party applications
 Being forced to choose character upgrade paths before a match prevents you from adapting to your enemies
 Third-person action lacks satisfying impact and struggles to convey important information effectively during fights




Yikes, not a good start to Amazon's entry into mainstream gaming.

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Yikes another strike for fake news Jeff BOZOs.


And New World looks like it might flop as well, although I really want it to be good.


Jeff is on Suicide Watch if that happens.

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