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Getting a new PC thread 2.0

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Speaking of which, the belle of the ball has just arrived:

Under no circumstances is this user allowed to access the Orange group. I won't stand for it.

You should've watched this guide before building your PC.

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Just now, ChupacabraIII said:

so Nvidia will be able to boost power with AMD processors as well?


this kills the intel. it also kills Big Navi but...

imagine thinking you can buy any new piece of gpu or cpu in 2020 :pavarotti:

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3 hours ago, Substatic said:

 So SAM on nvidia?



I fuckin' knew it, I called that shit about two weeks ago.


I have to say, after all these decades, Sony and Microsoft and Nintendo are much more civil in their marketing. Even though MS' tweet about "only console with FULL RDNA 2 feature-set was pretty shitty."


But on the PC side...........my God man, is nVidia and AMD's marketing bullshit pretty goddamn frustrating. They have not grown up, in the slightest.

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Just now, Pat McCrotch said:

My processor is bottlenecking my system though. i7 6700k :deader:



That's gonna hurt probably.  You planning on getting something soon?  AMD or Intel?

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:faketan:forgot that I still had my Adorama pre-order, I figured they would've just cancelled that on me.


............oh well:drake:might need to look at the reviews and people who own the FTW3 to see if there's anything there that might make me want to keep it.

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Gawwdayum. I didn't know that Lian Li 011 Dynamic PCMR editions were going for $1300-$1400 on ebay, and that's with 4 to 10 hours left on those auctions.


I was going to post my listing, but instead I'm going to wait until this afternoon to see just how high the earliest auction ended at.


Seems like people want to get the best possible PC case to build their new PC right in time for Cyberpunk. I hope this applies to other PC parts, like CPUs and Video Cards and have the market spike within this next 7-10 days.

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