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So...Ghost of Tsushima or Paper Mario?


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  1. 1. Which one?

    • Ghost of Tsushima
    • Paper Mario

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yes, i also hate role playing games for their combat systems? really now? ............ :willcucked:  

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Apparently some Walmarts are selling Paper Mario for slightly under $50, in-store YMMV.


Check here to see if you store has it in stock and what their scanned price is:

https://slickdeals.net/?adobeRef=2f60f4a0c8b711eab9e4ee446ae44d1d0001&sdtid=14203562&sdop=1&sdpid=138866153&sdfid=9&lno=1&trd=https brickseek com p paper mar &pv=&au=&u2=https%3A%2F%2Fbrickseek.com%2Fp%2Fpaper-mario-the-origami-king%2F9108301%23in-store-offers


EDIT: Apparently, Walmart has been discounting games down to $50 lately?

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Playing Ghost now. Decent game so far, but it felt weird going from TLoUII to Ghost. The characters in TLoUS have a lot more weight to them, making them feel more.. real (?). Ghost is a bit more arcady. The graphics are a bit of hit and miss too.

Left my switch at the cabin, so getting in when I go back in a feel weeks :glad:

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Been listening to the bombcast, and now the beastcast this week, and they say its open world design based on the older style AssCreed games.


And I'm like "alright, I'm fine with that."

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