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Couldn't have happened to a nicer group of guys.

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okay I'll reveal my coach wisdom: you shouldn't be cold-calling 3 point shots when you've attempted developed NO inside game, rythm or threat. I mean c'mon, I don't care how good you think you are. 


Not to mention you let the defense just chill on the peremiter then collect rebounds with 2-3+ men already there. You're bored. You're boring. You're gonna not only miss your shots but also forget to play defense. I don't know why teams so thick. It's always the same mistake lately in the last few years. The 3 should be the last thing in your arsenal going in. If it is, FIRE, good, probably means you're doing everything else right.  Also really hope the Lakers don't doubt these Nugget kids. They are playing with 'joy' if you haven't noticed, and sometimes, that shit is basketball god. Don't doubt your opponent; and don't be a clipper. :bandafuq:

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1 hour ago, Delita said:

I just can’t believe that pg and kawhi scored 0 points in the final quarter. That’s fucking abysmal. 


X marks the flop(s).:woody:





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