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1 hour ago, Teh_Diplomat said:

4 to 6 weeks?


Hey Fox, is there some new healing process I'm not aware of? :cosby2:




I heard that as well from my local radio station, but they didn't know if it was 4-6 weeks to where he can begin rehab to where he can be out of a cast, and put weight on it.

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4 minutes ago, jehurey said:

His post-game speech about "about gettin' a little respect" is really when Lebron looks the most bitchiest.


Like I understand what he's trying to say, other players have talked about similar things after they've won championships, but Lebron genuinely comes across as mopey in that moment.


And then they show a Nike commercial afterwards in which they show a recent version of him doing that stupid powder-throwing in the air, which means that he intentionally did it during the bubble so that it could be recorded and used in a future commercial.


I have no idea what poeple at talking about with "he did it with three teams" like as if that's a special metric to determine greatness.


Like what if MJ did it with the Bulls in the early 90's, and then he left the Bulls and intentionally hooked up with Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler during the middle of the 90's to win a championship, and then he left there and went to Los Angeles or Orlando wherever Shaq was at, and win more championships in the late 90's.


Like I'm pretty sure MJ could've done that, as well, and just keep on hooking up with new, fresh huge first-round draft picks entering their primes. Is that supposed to be a significant accomplishment?

I think MJ could have done those things too lol. doing it with 3 teams, eh... I'd say that's kinda cool.


I don't know what the prime wade and bosh equivelnt would be. Prolly some good old school players.

AD a bit too injury prone to be compared to Shaq, but it worked out for bron very well this year.  



I'll have to watch the post game interview. It was 14 minutes so I skipped it yesterday. Mopey?  I wonder if instead he's just not humbly saying he deserves a little more breathing room.  Then again, his fans always saying he's the best before he even had 4 rings is kinda what gets him all this shit.


As for the chalk stuff, lol, this is when I question your hoops.  He does that every game, it's for traditional/good luck etc. OFC he'll want to do it during the Championship.  Anywho, I'm happy he won his 4th. Feel bad for Jimmy tho. 

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didnt sound mopey. the amount of scrutiny he gets is insanity. he has some points. I suppose old school days, Kobe n them wouldn't admit they "want" their damn respect too. It would have been more subtle.  But I see how much flacko James gets He has to apparently assist, lead, shoot, and hit the buzzer in all his wins.  Skip bayless n us can be a bit wack about that.


His antics and 6 losses and nice-guy stuff w a killer/winner throne is a bit of a real juxtapose,


 Deserving, an easy target, or not. Congratw on him. He deserves to have 4 rings, for sheer amount of consistent play he's done for 17 years.

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1 hour ago, Hot Sauce said:

Jets released Leveon Bell. :whoo:

Jets did not release Adam Gase. :francis:






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As long as the Cowboys, Seahawks, Packers, or Steelers don’t win the super bowl, I don’t care who wins it. 

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15 hours ago, Hot Sauce said:

Jets released Leveon Bell. :whoo:

Jets did not release Adam Gase. :francis:


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shuld Ah, shuld ai, watch another season of NFL? ❤️  I can get a little mo acclimaited and have some real opinions on here.


I do already have some fan favorites. Imma be on that Bucs Brady regular season + a couple post game(s) record.

i ain't rootin for Dalvin Cook and the Vikings tho...

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1 hour ago, Ike said:

Also the Falcons shut down due to COVID. They should probably just cancel their season. :omglol:




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