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Covid-Ball '20 Thread

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What a game :whoo:


Damn good to have Laker basketball back and the bonus of no Rondo and more Alex Caruso. :blessed:

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There were 150 points scored at the half, in that Mavs/Rockets game; and Harden didn't even score in the 2nd Q, until there was only 14.5 secs remaining.



I'm watching Jimmy Butler and the Heat annihilate the Nuggets right now. 

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1 hour ago, Delita said:


I had to do some stuff and missed most of it, I turned it on and saw the score, then turned it off. 


From the outset they looked like they were out of their league - not too mention Paul George had like gone 4/4 on Three's and 15 points and I'm pretty sure the Pelicans were scoreless.




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Alex CaruSHOW :blessed:


Vogel’s lineups have been an issue all season. AD needs to be starting at the 5 spot and AC should be getting more play time. 

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Jets are a joke :mj: 


Rex Ryan was the last time they were even mildly interesting. 

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Ugh, that Mavs/Rockets game was fucking traumatic.


The moment I saw the Mavs have the numbers to do a successful fast break to their basket, but Luka purposely slowed down and returned to the 3-point line to set up a play because they were under 4 minutes left in regulation; I knew things might go wrong.


The Rockets are just such a weird team, that such a strategy doesn't work against them if they get hot and start scoring.


It would've been a fantastic win for the Mavs. So aggravating.

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Sloppy basketball all around and terrible refereeing all half. That was really boring to watch honestly.

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