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anyone here play any of those PC simulators?

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Which ones do you like? What is the appeal of these games? 


I recently bought Euro Truck Simulator 2 on a whim because it had good reviews and plan to play it soon.  

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Silent Hunter 3; it's a very old title by today's standards, but the ability to plot your courses, follow/stalk ships and eventually intercept them is extremely satisfying.



Some of the most intense moments in gaming (including horror titles) I've had is running silent, and evading destroyers, naval task forces - and eventually planes; is exhilarating.


With it being historically focused on WWII U-boats you not only have a very formidable attack option (attacking from underwater) but the fragility of knowing that a couple of .50 cal rounds into your hull could be reason you descend too fast, or that depth charge is within range can sink your sub before you can plug the leaks.


Furthermore, as you progress into into the war you go from having an distinct advantage (starting in early '41 and lasting until late '42, early '43) to facing far more advanced radar, than your radar detection abilities allow you to detect them. This lead to crash dives, and holding your breath and pulling off evasive manoeuvres to keep your crew from 4 years ago alive.


You'll have to consider going with a larger, long-range sub with more torpedoes, to a more nimble but outdated and fuel limited sub which allows for greater speeds, and quicker diving times.














Then there's a community mod: Grey Wolves that adds a ton of features into the game, and allows you for far more customization for your crew and sub.

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- the ex-gf of my older brother had a retarded kid. he was pretty cool but he had an obsession with driving a bus so the only thing he plays is bus driving simulators. (he always greets them when another bus passes and is like that's how bus drivers do :D   that kid was funny sometimes too bad haven't seen him in years).


- and a friend of mine is into farming simulators because he likes the machinery. he teaches me about harvesting crops and shit, the guy gets super happy when he talks about that shit. (I think I mentioned him too a few times, he's the guy working on a horse farm, i get to drive around with tractors and cuddle with the horsies :happysad: ).



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