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MS continues to have hire SJWs over real talent

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how do you know they lack talent :mjgrin:


I didn't know your political standing dictated whether you're good at art or not :tom:

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6 minutes ago, Twinblade said:

Jim Sterling just came out as non binary. He had also mentioned that hes been having mental health issues lately......pretty easy to form a connection between the two.

Lol you're like 30 years old and don't know how pussies work. Are you really in a position to throw stones at people's mental health status as it pertains to their sexuality? 

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1 minute ago, ghostz life matters said:

Lmfao Cows love trannies so much their defending and rooting for Fable’s success. The only one who even fucked a tranny ITT is saying they have no talent. 

I’ll stick with the one that results in fable flopping. Aka this person is talentless. 

How come you suck at posting? Can the iPhone not properly manage this site or something? 

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18 minutes ago, ghostz life matters said:

Could it not when you used to fanboy for Apple 24/7?  Of course it can, it’s the most powerful phone by a far margin. The site is laggy. 

Before Tim Cook ruined it? Yes. So how come you're the only multiposting all the time? 

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