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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 synthetic and gaming performance leaked

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15 minutes ago, The Mother Fucker said:

Although I have not played the new Far Cry, Shadow of the Tomb Raider definitely supports DLSS a Turing now Ampere feature as well as ray-tracing.


It's not taking advantage of any of the unique features of the Turing/Ampere architectures.  SotTR DX11/DX12, not DX12U.  No mesh shading, no VRS, no Sampler Feedback... it's based on an old shader model, not taking advantage of the higher tiers feature sets of DX12U 12_1 or 12_2.


There's LOTS of performance being left on the table.  Games aren't being released yet which are taking full advantage of Turing/Ampere..

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God that 3090 is massive     and sexy as fuck  

Just bought a new case for it, has internal cooling and everything but no PSU. Still a bit worried if there's enough room for the generator but we'll see  

Not gonna lie that's a sexy case     You got good taste breh  

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On 2020-09-12 at 12:58 AM, jehurey said:

that's because the adapter is meant for the final 3 to 5 inches, you have to have two 8-pin cables from your power supply and run them all the way up to the video card, and then you use that "Y" adapter to convert that into a 12-pin connection.


For those with Corsair modular power supplies, they are making their own 8-pin to 12-pin cable in which it looks like one cable because the "Y" split is designed at the power supply end and immediately merges into one cable where the other end is the 12-pin connector.




Yea all the major PSU manufacturers will be doing this.


EVGA will have a braided cable with cable combs by launch


6:30 in the vid


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15 minutes ago, Substatic said:

Ehh well, there goes my Microcenter plan.

I heard some of them literally only have 10 in stock. And this was their line for a far far far less hyped product (a CPU) recently: 




Fuck, that was my plan too :kaz:

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