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PSN purchase time (on japanese server but whatever I'm smarter than you)

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so, need your american helps.  dont' wanna spend too much. I don't have psn plus, but I see only sf5 (eh) and some COD game is for septemteber so i'll skip unless you say otherwise.

Want something with enough dialogue that I can passively learn a lot of japanese as I play.  I've narrowed it down to two games, unless YOU know more.


Uncharted collection is only 1k yen ($11).  And Nier Automata (the sequel??) non GOTY edition is 1/5th the price at also $11.


These good?  Am I going wrong on my version of Nier?  Anything else you reccomend?


I can buy a 3,000 yen card from play asia now for $32 and buy both, then leave the rest in my bank.  What would you reccomend?  PS4.  TY.  Sorry for the sarcastic ego. 

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i beleive psn jpn is giving me the GOTY edition of nier automata lmfao for really $11, and I got the uncharted collection. woohooo. still got ff7r hard mode too. The tales series IMO sucks and star ocean is kind of fun (some of them). If anyone has any online psn reccomdnations, let me know. I purchased.




the image for nier is different than the one downloading.  muahaha. 

Happy Ethiopian New Year Muzzafuckas. 


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On 2020-09-12 at 3:01 PM, ©linton514® said:

Don't touch Watchdogs and you're not learning Japanese from a game 😛


I have though. I've completed maybe 5 JPN games for PS3/PS4. Now games as robust and long as FF15, FF7R. I'm not really looking to learn anything new, like I wrote down the word 'villan'/anti-protagonist, but it reinforces things, keeps up or speeds up listening skills. On a 2nd playthrough which I'm now doing, it's cool hearing a few new things. As long as I stay away from anime voices I'm fine.  FFXV ironically actually did just that. Which is one reason of many why it's awesome. 

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11 hours ago, Liquid said:

Lol if you ain't learn Japanese in over 20 years bro, call it a day. 

he sure makes good use of it though cause every time you corner the dude hes gonna flex with his kindergarten level japanese skills and pulls out a harry potter book to decipher

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