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PS5 showcase Wednesday 9/16 1pm PST/4pm EST OT

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lmao someone on twitter said   "PC is like the kid who's parents divorced (PS and Xbox) and gets 2 Christmases"  

Good chat Sony  


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Oh my God, poor guy got embarassed, so he tried to do his Sony butthurt routine internationally, and he failed there as well.

7 minutes ago, madmaltese said:

LMAO we pay less than your third world country. $69 Aud for current gen games is $50usd (you pay $60usd) and $89 is $65usd (you pay $70usd), and that is with tax. 


:hest: Forever slow johnny.


What a dumbass. No wonder he can't open a RAR file.:lawl:


4 minutes ago, JONBpc said:

Enjoy your censored and banned games LMAO Fucktardians ROFL




He now ran away from price to censorship.


Guess Microsoft has been censoring lemmings from having games for the past 4 years.


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Just now, -GD- said:

dude...i got a bunch of friends getting it through amazon tomorrow. like...demon's souls looks awesome, but these peeps are dying for this game. 

Man Amazon is gonna be such a shitstorm when these go up for preorder there lol I'd imagine the majority of ppl are probably waiting for Amazon in the US?

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