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PS5 showcase Wednesday 9/16 1pm PST/4pm EST OT

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16 minutes ago, MalaXmaS said:

FFXVI, meh


11 minutes ago, MalaXmaS said:

Spiderman. :poop:


10 minutes ago, MalaXmaS said:

I thought Harlem was the center of African American culture, not Puertorican.


6 minutes ago, bhytre said:

pulling a falling bus by himself :lul:


2 minutes ago, Vini said:

Lots of black kids running around Hogwarts in the 1800s?


1 minute ago, MalaXmaS said:

Oh, another COD game. :poop:


The lemming tears ITT:lawl:

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lmao someone on twitter said   "PC is like the kid who's parents divorced (PS and Xbox) and gets 2 Christmases"  

Good chat Sony  


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1 minute ago, madmaltese said:

Did you go blind the next screen after FFXVI saying everything from that point on is captured on PS5? :mj:


7 minutes ago, madmaltese said:

Reminder that we still haven't seen pretty much anything running on XSX yet :mj:




:rofl: Madmaltears hbr :rofl: 

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Finally some real game B) Japan B) Capcom B) RE8  :aitch: 

Imagine being  casual cow like madmaltears creaming his pants over some Ratchet and Spidercuck game :rofl: 

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